Being a professional artist means nothing if you can't seal the deal. Knowing where to look for work and mastering the arts of auditioning, marketing, and networking will put you ahead of the pack.

Auditioning 101

Actors dread auditions. So much stress! Only two minutes to prove your worth! What kind of sadist designed this torture-tunnel of judgment? For anxious actors, auditions are miserable. But for thrill-seekers and attention seeker (as most thespians are), auditions are an exhilarating experience. . 
How Volunteering Can Get You Cast

As actors we are constantly striving to do one thing: act. It seems like such a simple task but so much can go into that little verb. Before we can even begin working on analyzing the script, creating our character’s background, or memorizing our lines, we have to have material to work with, we have to get cast. And sometimes that can be the hardest part about being an actor. 

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