What good is doing art unless you’re having fun?  Only fellow artists can understand how hard life can sometimes be when you’ve made art your profession. Come here and rekindle that flame.

Panic! At the Theater

In 1999, I got my first leading role. It wasn’t glamorous: I played Gary, a friendless, witless dork who suffered occasional hallucinations. It was an adaptation of Dostoyevsky’s "The Double", written by David Escoffery, and the show was performed in The Pit
Getting Inspired

How do I get inspired to write? I don’t. I can’t. Always waiting for the right moment to write is not possible. Why? The answer is this: There is no right moment. If there was a correct time to be the right moment, we would know. It would be in our calendars.

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There are many things that can inspire actors to go into the industry.

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I love acting.

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When I had a brief stint assisting my CM back in my NYC days he was also CM for some events at City Center.

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While enduring a recent dry time between engagements, a community company I worked with some years ago celebrated their 50th Anniversary.

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Of all kinds of satire,there is none so entertaining and universally improving,as <a href="http:/   READ MORE
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