Television Casting Call

Many performers dream of one day performing on the big screen but in your quest for fame and stardom don’t forget the opportunities that are available on the small screen. For years many actors and actresses looked down upon television and only worked for a shot at film. However, with the competition as great as it is today many more performers are finding that television not only pays well but is also a great way to be discovered. Just ask George Clooney. If you are serious about a career as an actor prepare to attend a television casting call to get your foot in the door of a booming industry.

Years ago TV was seen as a wasteland for soap operas and badly produced made-for-TV movies that elicited scorn from professional actors. But today the opportunities available in television as well as the improvements in screenwriting and drama productions, has many actors and actresses seeking coveted roles on prime time shows that are great for launching a career. However, these roles don’t just fall into your lap. Even if you have a strong background in acting and singing television is no easy business to crack. A television casting call can be just as difficult as a film audition and may even have more people auditioning for the role.

Unless the production is for a Real World show or The X-Factor your best bet for finding television show casting calls is to be where the action is, meaning New York or Los Angeles. All the major networks including CBS, ABC, NBC and FOX are headquartered in these two entertainment capitals and to be in the game you need to be near the field. Rarely will a television production feel the need to audition in Houston or Seattle when they can find all the talent they need right at home. If being on TV is your goal then give strong consideration to moving to either New York or LA in order to attend as many casting calls as possible.

When attending a television casting call make sure to have a resume and professional head shot with you. Casting directors and agents go through hundreds if not thousands of people a day and it’s not realistic to think you will be remembered simply because of your performance. Also do some research into what the show you are auditioning for is about. If it is a new show try to find out as much about it as possible by networking with people in the industry so you can prepare for the types of people directors will be looking for.

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