Reality Show Casting Calls

Many performers are looking for a way into the competitive world of show business. Singers, actors and dancers all want that big break that will get their name and face in front of cameras where directors, casting agents and talent scouts can see their talent and put them on a short list for roles in movies and stage shows. With the amazing success of reality shows such as Jersey Shore, MTV’s The Real World and American Idol many performers are finding their way into show business through the reality show channel and with new shows starting every season auditioning at an open casting call may be the in you’ve been looking for.

Being on a reality show may not be your idea of success but there is no arguing the impact of being on a show that can launch careers. The Miz, aka Michael Mizanin, turned his stint on The Real World into a successful career in the WWE, Kim Kardashian took her hot looks from Keeping up with the Kardashians to a global business empire and Michael “The Situation” Sorrentino has capitalized on his Jersey Shore fame to launch vitamin supplements, a clothing line and workout DVD’s. Maybe these celebrities aren’t true professionals when it comes to acting and singing but the point is they got discovered by being on high ratings reality shows.

Getting on a reality show isn’t easy but it’s not exactly hard either. Producers for these shows are looking for people who can captivate an audience and create the type of drama that will grab the attention of the 18-34 year old market, the most coveted by advertisers. Basically, think of being on a reality show as one non-stop audition where you can act a little zany and over the top to showcase your abilities. People on reality shows have taken the opportunity to perform on stage, act in commercials, sing in clubs and in essence be themselves in the hopes that someone watching will see their “star quality”.

Recently former American Idol judge and current X-Factor honcho Simon Cowell revealed one of his reasons for starting the show was to find the next Snooki, aka Nicole Polizzi, the pint-size fireplug who rose to fame through The Jersey Shore and now has authored a book, spoke at Rutgers University and has made numerous appearances on other television shows. Cowell knows a thing or two about pop stars and shows he is involved with have a track record for success. Whether you aspire to be an actor, singer or spokesperson you may want to give serious consideration to auditioning at a reality show casting call since these shows provide incredible exposure and can launch a career in show business.

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