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AuditionArt is an information resource for actors and performers, covering subjects important to you - career advice, tips on improving the craft of performing and acting, and industry insights.

AuditionArt’s team of over 50 writers and contributors are experts in their respective fields with a passion for helping you achieve your goals. We search high and low to bring you ideas, tips, insights, quotes, examples and anything else we can find to make the goals you set for yourself a possibility.

Founded in 2007 as AuditionsOnly, we changed our name, and re-designed the website based on feedback, opinions and critique from our readers. Our original content - both articles and videos - will inspire you to re-ignite your creativity, to re-energize your belief in your talents, and to take the steps needed to succeed on your path.

Our writers and editors are located nation-wide, and cover topics as diverse as dance, acting, writing, editing, stage management, tech/crew and arts admin. They write from New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami and all the cities in between. We are diverse, unique, tenacious, and fearless - just like you.

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